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State University of Applied Sciences in Włocławek was established with force of the ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 20 September 2001. It is a modern institution of higher education which hosts students on Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Engineer studies.

State University of Applied Sciences in Włocławek is a state-owned institution, directly supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which is distinguished by high standards of teaching. Our mission is to train highly-qualified staff, i.e. training specialists according to modern standards in areas of advanced technologies and the trends which are closely related to the economy of the region and the country to meet the needs of the growing economy of the country and Europe.

Our aim is to be a strong regional educational centre which specialises in translating knowledge into practice and facilitating regional and local development. The university also serves as a hub of entrepreneurship and social activities. The university pursues its mission through proper organization of studies, optimization of training programmes, selection of highly qualified teachers providing the students with favorable conditions for studying.

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